We all have a story, a beginning. A time when we said “Yes” to God’s ways and not our own. A turning on your path where you made a decision to follow Him. If you are a Christian you said the most important “Yes” of your life!



My story begins in 1994. A time of decision – a time of turning, yielding to God’s ways. He pursued me all my life and their was no way of escaping the call of God. He chose me – He chose my husband – He chose my family.

I have no training in writing. I was a little taken back one morning when I heard God say in my Spirit, write your story. As I began to pray and seek out what that meant, he led me to my one word, and that led me to share my story here with you. I am an ordinary person just like you. I stumble at times, I mess up often and I’m not perfect. As you read my story, please know that I too have weaknesses and I never want to paint a picture that I have it all together because that is very far from the truth. The picture that I want to paint is that we have a perfect, awesome God, who gathers our lost souls and does a mighty work of turning us into a new creation. I’m still growing and blooming and learning. It is all because of Him and only Him that Grace has found me.

I’m married to my amazing husband, Scott. We pastor an English speaking church in San Miguel de Allende Mexico, Antioch community outreach- We have two wonderful kids that are grown and on their own, Brandon and Tiffany. We strive to follow God’s will and to glorify Him in everything we do.

I grew up in small town, Bangor Pennsylvania, just outside of the Pocono’s. I lived there for almost half my life. My mother still lives in the same house that I grew up in. We had a small church down at the bottom of our house that I occasionally attended on Christmas and Easter when I was younger,  but I never really understood the meaning of salvation or what it meant to be a Christian.

On the following pages, as I become raw and out there with my story, our story, I hope you find it a blessing. To know and understand that any life is not that far from God’s reach. That is what this blog is all about, God’s grace! It is only through Him that I am what I am today. I believe in miracles and our lives have been redeemed.

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