There is a beautiful promise for us tucked away in Isaiah 61:3…

To all who mourn in Israel, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair.

I used to be a different person many yeas ago. God has transformed my life so much. I’m amazed at the transformation that takes place in a person’s heart when they come to Christ. Story after story of changed lives. God says in his word that he will give a CROWN OF BEAUTY for ashes to those lives. YES PLEASE!

I’ve made many piles of ashes before I came to Christ but the beautiful thing is that He has redeemed the ashes for beauty. He continues to bring the beauty!

The second part of that verse says, “a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair.” For all the wrongs you and I have committed, past sins, God says I will bring joy out of it! Wow! Our despair will turn into praise! YES, YES, YES!

Renew my life with Your goodness.” Psalm 119:40 (NLT)

We have riches in Christ. Jesus is in the process of renewing each one of us. It’s an overtime process, it doesn’t happen all at once. It’s an INNER renewal that takes place to each one of us that has accepted him as savior. God renews our life with his goodness. I love that! That word RENEW is so fascinating to me. Just the mention of it does something to my soul.

RENEW: it means: To make new again; to restore to freshness, perfection, or vigor; to give new life to; to rejuvenate; to reestablish; to recreate; to rebuild.

Your inner beauty is being restored, rejuvenated, recreated and rebuilt to freshness, perfection and vigor!. Our ashes are being swept away and overtime our inner beauty begins to shine outwardly too. It’s a total transformation to wholeness!

I love how God sees all we can become in him. Sometimes we don’t see it ourselves. I want to encourage our hearts today to begin to see ourselves through God’s eyes. To see how deep his love is for us. He wants us whole in him.

I don’t discount your pain. We all have different paths we have walked. Some of you have had a huge amount of mourning and despair in your lives, I’m sorry. When I began to take my pain and place it in the Father’s hands he began a work in my life. My pain began to turn into beauty. My mess was turned into a message of beauty. It was a work overtime and still is but God is redeeming. Will you trust him today to take your pain and turn it into beauty. From experience he will. Trust the Father today, he is waiting for you!

He has placed a crown of beauty on each one of us. Will you wear your crown today?

Father, thank you that you are renewing our lives. We are being transformed this very minute. You see past all of our ashes to beautiful things. We know you love us Father, but help us to really KNOW your love; how deep it goes. You are creating us to be whole, whole in you, beautiful in you! Help us to see that beauty that you see. Some of my friends have known pain. Help them to trust you today with their despair because your word says it will be turned to praise, our mourning to joy! You are SO GOOD, Father. Thank you for redemption and renewal! We love you Jesus!




  1. Alice Walters

    Thank you so much for your transparency! Perhaps our paths are not defined by who we are, what we’ve done, or what has happened. Perhaps they are defined by who we become along the way. Grace beckons and encourages us to “take (our) pain and place (s) in the Father’s hands”. Thanks for sharing your journey with your neighbor at Holley’s.

    1. Tammy Provins Post author

      Thank you for stopping by Alice. Yes, placing our pain in the Father’s hands, I love that! Merry Christmas to you!

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