If we were sitting having a coffee and I said to you, “You are designed for greatness” what would you think? Would your mind wander to all of your mess ups and mishaps? Would negativity about yourself trump over the positive. Would you immediately think, oh no, not me!

What if Rahab would have focused on all her mess-ups, mishaps and negative traits. She would have missed an opportunity to exercise her faith in the One True God. I love the story of Rahab; if you’re not familiar you can find it over in Joshua 2.

Somehow, I think we all think that “prostitute” and “greatness” could never go together, in the same sentence. But God did. I love that God handpicked her with all her wounds and scars. All her muck and mire. There is so much for us to gain from this. I minister to women and I know this is a big struggle for each of us, to find our worth.

We all have wounds and scars, muck and mire from our past. These may look different than Rahab’s or maybe not, but God chose a woman with a past to do His work. Stop and think on that for a while. He saw straight through her mess-up’s to all that Rahab COULD become. You see, later on in Hebrews, Rahab is listed in the heroines of the faith and is in the lineage of Jesus! All because she decided to step out of her past and put her faith in the one true God!

The least likely person in human standards was used by God. I’m sure that Rahab didn’t feel WORTHY, but she was. How many times do we not feel WORTHY, but we are! If you are a Christian you have WORTH! Our WORTH comes from God! Read Ephesians 1 when you have some time and this will help clarify that God has designed you for greatness!!

Why do we allow our mess-ups and mishaps define us? I want to get to a place in my life where my positive thoughts about myself trump over the negative! How about you?

The strongholds that we have built up in our minds need to be torn down. This is where the victory begins. We need to replace negative thought patterns with healthy ones. When we begin to feel less than, we need to give ourselves a talk. I think Rahab gave herself a talk that day and it changed her life forever. When feelings of unworthiness come over you, go to the Word and find God’s promises to replace them. Find scriptures that show your WORTH – WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST! You have an inheritance!

God wants to use your life. You are still alive for a purpose. He has many great things in store for you but you must release the baggage that is holding you back.


What past sins or failures are holding you back? What things do you need to release in your life to feel worthy? I want to pray for you…

Father, your Word says that we are princess in your kingdom. We are chosen by you, a saint, and dearly loved by You! Help us to uncover all the precious things that you think about us! Help us to walk in freedom and to do those things that you have preplanned for us to do. We want to feel worthy – we want to be used by You! Help my dear Sisters in Christ to know how much You love them and that You have designed each one of them for greatness!



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  1. Brenda

    Ya know, I wonder if stories like this one are left in the Bible just so that we can see that our worthiness isn’t something superficial. Love this post, Tammy. Thank you for sharing. Nice to meet you! Merry Christmas! 🙂

    1. Tammy Provins Post author

      Yes, Brenda! I think so! Thanks for stopping by and leaving encouraging words! Have a beautiful Christmas!

  2. Lisa notes

    Yes. We need to remind ourselves often that our worth isn’t based on what we think about ourselves, but instead on who God says we are. Thanks for sharing this, Tammy.

    1. Tammy Provins Post author

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving words of encouragement! Merry Christmas Karrilee!

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